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The first of it's kind commercial website that use Stage 3D


Adobe announced the beta launch of Adobe Flash Player 11 and its new revolutionary hardware-accelerated Stage 3D capability, which allows 1000 times faster 2D and 3D graphics rendering performance over Flash Player 10. Nissan Europe and Digitas/DNA, in their perpetual search for innovative concepts and technologies in the automotive industry, then decided to build on the new opportunities offered by Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 to create a new, highly innovative and impactful experience around the Nissan JUKE, the compact Crossover full of urban energy.

According to Adrien Levesque, Interactive Marketing Manager, NISSAN Europe : « Flash Player 11 with Stage 3D unquestionably marks a new level in the online experience that we are able to offer to the general public, with a realism and degree of immersion close to the in-showroom experience. The impact is so great that we will soon deploying this innovation across the whole range ».


The module allows full discovery of the vehicle from any angle, inside and out. The features provided allow internet users to turn the vehicle around, and even to go inside and take the driver’s seat to observe every detail. From now on, Nissan JUKE won’t hold any secrets for internet users! It also lets users customize the Nissan JUKE in real time by choosing the exterior paint of their dream car.


Even more innovative is that at any moment during the customization, the user can start the engine of their Nissan JUKE and set off on an exciting race through a 3D environment! The user is timed whilst driving the energetic crossover through a predetermined circuit. They catch energy balls to illuminate the city and the headlights of the vehicle reveal a light trail in its path, in light painting, which reveals a message… “By harnessing the latest 3D technology offered by Adobe Flash Player 11, Nissan has positioned itself at the forefront of brand experience on the web!” said Julien Terraz, Creative Technologist at Digitas France.

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist

Nissan Cubelist


The project has been launch at the Adobe max 2011 during an epic keynote session



  • Project lead & Creative Technologist: Julien Terraz
  • Creative Director: Jean-Baptiste Burdin
  • Project Director: Clément Corouge
  • Creative Coder: Pierre Lepers
  • Project Manager: Clémentine Senille


  • Interactive Marketing Manager: Adrien Levesque
  • General Manager - Marketing Communications: Bruno Mattucci



  • Featured in the Adobe Edge Newsletter
  • Featured on Adobe DevNet
  • Featured in the Away3D showcase

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