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Foam darts are fun, specially in office opens space, but dart gun are not very powerful and not accurate at all. We have used them a lot in the office and then Franck Youdine made a paper blowpipe to shoot darts. It was so accurate and so powerful that I decided to build one using my 3D printer. This was an oportunity to learn OpenScad. The longer the pipe the more it will be accurate, it was a bit challenging to print a long pipe has pipe need to be printed vertically. That were I came with the idea of module that could be connected and printed separately.

Dart blow pipe Dart blow pipe

Depending of you printer maximum print height you can use the script to generate pipe of the perfect height. The blow module make the pipe confortable and efficient. To stabilise the darts during the flight I get this idea of Rifling so you have an option to add some groove inside the pipe. Still not sure of the efficiency, I need to get a high frame rate camera to check if the darts are rotating during the flight.

Dart blow pipe

Dart blow pipe

Dart blow pipe

You could build your own using my opensource OpenScad code.

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