Grow 2018 interactive instalation

An analogic interactive instalation at Grow 2018

I’ve been commissioned to create an installation at Grow 2018 (From Nov 12 to 16 @ Halle Événementielle, Ground Control), the only constraint was the space available, a wall have been assigned to me and I could create whatever I wanted. So I immediately tough that it will be the best oportunity to use my Billund Mono Sans brick font and create something interactive with it. I wanted to do so for a while and I was specially interested by how attendees will appropriate the installation.


Conference like grow are really inspiring, I’ve been attended a bunch and every-time I felt really inspired and boosted to create things. The speakers lineup for this year was really promising so people will be inspired.


A blank canvas where people could express their inspiration and set them in stone before going back to everyday life where inspiration kind of fade out.


Inspired? is a triptych of canvas composed of lines where attendees could snap letter bricks on. Lines are a bias a choose to influence user to actually write sentence. Each canvas have a repository of bricks of different colors, Orange and Black, Pink and Purple and Green and Black.


Yes people immediately start using it… but not as expected, people did not write sentence, they mostly used it to write name, hashtag and use the shapes of the letters to do some drawing. That was unexpected and really interesting to see people use your creation in a different way.


for making grow and inviting me
For managing this all project
for help me designing and building the decks
for helping me on 3D printing
Franck, Poulp
for your support and tougth

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