3d print fails are a great

3D print serendipity

The idea of a 3d printed armband came from a print fail. I was printing a “brick font” piece and while it was printing the first layer I realize that I have made a mistake in the setting and the first layer was over extruding so I had to cancel the print job. While removing this failed layer from my build plate I discovered that it was extremely thin and relatively strong, this is where the idea of an armband came to me.

3D print fail

I made an Openscad program that could generate the armband Stl with personalized parameters for the length and the text message. The fastener was a bit challenging and after a few fail I decided to use my brick generation script. The brick fastener is surprisingly strait forward and easy to use.

The message had to be printed in an other colors to be visible and I simply print the armband in two jobs, the first one for the band and the second for the message. I load an other filament between the jobs. 

After I few try I was able to print a .2mm band. I wear it but I broke it before the end of the day. So I made a .3 mm band using the same technic and after a long day it is fine. The top layer is a bit rough, I need to tweak my over extrusion setting to make it smoother.  I will print bands for some of my friends and how they feel about wearing it.

3D print fail 3D print fail 3D print fail

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